Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Migrating Crystal Reports from 8x to 11x

Hi All,

I have an application in Crystal Report 8x version which needs to be migrated to 11x. Also assume that the Database is also changing. Maybe from one server to another server or one RDBMS to other RDBMS.

My questions are as follows.

1. How to migrate from version 8.x to 11.x, what are all the steps?
2. How to do database changes in the Crystal Reports?
3. Is there any client version for Crystal Reports? If so, how to view that and what are all the changes in the client version that needs to be done.
4. How do we access the crystal reports externally where we don't install the software? Is there any external components that will be used? If so, what is that?

Kindly clarify me the above questions ASAP.See if you find answer here|||Hi,

Can you be more specific about how your reports are currently deployed? I'm moving Crystal 8 reports deployed in ASP using the Web Component Server to ASP using RAS (Report Application Server). The steps are as follows:

Open the version 8 report in 10 and save as a 10 report

Rewrite the ASP to call the report using RAS

Currently I'm running 8 and 10 on the same server and am migrating one report at a time, because the newer versions of Crystal will run side-by-side with previous versions.......of course you want to test that carefully before deploying both versions on a production server!

Changing the database "shouldn't" be a big deal, depending again on what you end up with. I go to set location inside the report designer and handle it there. If you change RDBMS' and your table/field names change, you may as well plan on rewriting the reports.

Hope that helps!


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