Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Migrating DBs from SQL 2000 to 2005

Hi all,

I'm in need of migrating DB's from a SQL 2000 server to a new SQL 2005 server. Has anyone had any success in this or does anyone know of a process which would be best for this situation?

Here's my setup...

SQL2000 SERVER...OS - Server 2000
MDF's/LDF's reside on D:\MSSQL\Data\
Backups reside on D:\MSSQL\Backup\

SQL2005 SERVER...OS - Server 2003
MDF's/LDF's reside on E:\MSSQL\Data\
Backups reside on E:\MSSQL\Backup\

Any information on how to get these DB from 2000 to 2005 will be greatly appreciated.Backup -> Restore.

Read this carefully:

HTH|||You can backup the SQL 2000 DBs and restore them to the SQL 2005 machine with no problems. You will of course need to re-create logins, maintenance plans, and point applications to the new DBs.

EDIT: Sniped!|||EDIT: Sniped!Only coz I used short hand ;)|||You can also detach/attach. Either way, you can't go back.


hmscott|||i found that upgrade adviser kind of handy. although it did not catch new key words in the sps that broke some stuff.|||Thank you very much to all that replied. This was exactly the information I was looking for. You all are the BOMB !!!!

I might have more questions once I start, but I know you guru's will have the answers. ;-)

Again, thank you !!!|||Well, I didn't make it too far before running into an error. SQL2005 seems to be looking for a "D" drive to restore the BAK.

Attached screenshot.

Any suggestions??|||Since my last post, I have learned of the "Copy Database" function. I connected to both systems (2000 box and 2005 box) from the SQL 2005 Management console and performed a copy from one to another. This worked !

Wowwww....2005 is very powerful. I like it. ;-)|||you mean you actually got copy database wizard to work? you must be the first!


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