Friday, March 30, 2012

Migrating from MDF File to SQL Server 2005?

I created a web site using the "personal web site" starter kit with Visual Studio 2005. It created an ASPNET MDF file as well as a Personal.MDF in my App_Data directory.

I want to migrate this site to a production server that does not have SQL Express, but does have a full version of SQL Server 2005.

How do I migrate both the database format (tables and SPs) as well as the data to the SQL Server?

I can't find anything that looks like Enterprise Manager or Query Analyzer on my system, and installing the "native client tools" doesn't do anything except install configuration utilities (no clients).

Inside of Visual Studio 2005, I can bring up both databases (one from the MDF file(s) and one using a connection string to the server), but there doesn't appear to be any way to copy from one to the other.

There must be an easy way to do this, right?

Many thanks in advance!

Hello cambler,

You can simply do a straight-forward Attach Database function in SQL Server 2005 Management Studio. You can simply copy the MDF and LDF files from your App_Data folder from your PC to your production server running SQL Server 2005. Then, attach the database pointing to the copy of the MDF file. You need to detach the database files first on your development PC before you can copy the MDF and LDF files as the service is making use of these files.

For more information, visit;en-us;224071


I am trying to utilize the SQL Server Management Studio to open an MDF file, so I can perform tasks such as importing CSV files. I guess that I need to attach to a an MDF file, but I don't see the that option available.

If there is a nother approach, please advise.


|||From SQL Server Management Studio, you can simply right-click on the Databases folder and select Attach. Then point to the location of your MDF file. That should do the trick.sql

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