Friday, March 30, 2012

migrating from crystal report 8.5 to 10.0 using vb .

I am working in migrating my cr application to 10th ver from the existing 8.5 where we have to explicitly make a query in query builder and then attach it. I was using dsn in ms odbc for oracle driver to connect the DB. Now in 10.0 i have removed the query file created using 8.5 query builder and trying to write directly to command editor. the report as stand alone is working fine. but when i try to generate the pdf using my vb application then on .export option it is giving error as "Logon failed.
Details: 01S00:[Microsoft][ODBC driver for Oracle]Invalid connection string attribute". i think the problem might be with cddb_oracle.dll or crdb_oracle.dll file as i am using a evaluation version of crystal report 10. as input to dsn i am providing
what else is missing . plz help....The next is code I use in VB6 to display in CRViewer10 a CR10 report that read data thru ODBC

Set CRReport = CRApplication.OpenReport("Report.rpt", 1)
For MEnt2 = 1 To CRReport.Database.Tables.Count
Set CRTabla = CRReport.Database.Tables(MEnt2)
Set CRConProp = CRTabla.ConnectionProperties("Provider")
CRConProp.value = "MSDASQL"
Set CRConProp = CRTabla.ConnectionProperties("Data Source")
CRConProp.value = "DSNname"
Set CRConProp = CRTabla.ConnectionProperties("Initial Catalog")
CRConProp.value = "Datapath"
Set CRConProp = CRTabla.ConnectionProperties("User ID")
CRConProp.value = ""
Set CRConProp = CRTabla.ConnectionProperties("Locale Identifier")
CRConProp.value = "2058"
Set CRConProp = CRTabla.ConnectionProperties("OLE DB Services")
CRConProp.value = "-5"
Next MEnt2

frmReport.Show vbModal

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