Monday, March 26, 2012

Migrating a db from SSE 2005 December CTP to SSE 2005 Release Version

I have a developer who built an application using the SSE 2005 December CTP and I would like to bring the db's into the official SSE 2005 released version. I have attempted the following:

1. Create the db's in the released version, detach and re-attach the CTP db's. I got an error telling me they were incompatible.

2. Installed CTP version on one server, backed up the db's and then attempted to restore the db's on another server running the official released version of SSE 2005. Got an error attempting that too.

3. Installed the Management Studio for SS 2005 Developer edition thinking that I could connect to the two seperate instances of each server and like I could in EM 2000 run the transfer wizard to move the db's and data from one server to the next. Problem with this is that I can't get an object browser connection established. I have TCP/IP all config'd correctly, too.

Any other ideas where I can go with this at this time?

Thanks in advance.


Often the easiest way to move databases is to do a Backup and Restore.|||

As you can see from # 2 of my attempts at this, that didn't work. Actual error was:

Database 'xyz' cannot be upgraded because its non-release version (590) is not supported by this version of SQL Server. You cannot open a database that is incompatible with this version of sqlservr.exe. You must re-create the database. (.Net SqlClient Data Provider)


December CTP of what year? 590 is a pre-RTM version of SQL Server from well over a year ago. There is no way to upgrade this database to the current SP2 version, in fact I don't believe you could even open this database in RTM. The only way to move this database would be to go back to the version where it was created, script the database out to T-SQL and run the scripts on a released version of SQL Server.


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